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TNS has won the order for Aligarh Muslim University  for i  implementation of email and web port for more  than 20000 students and 2000 faculty members on  the Vmware platform.

 AMU was earlier using postfix for its email server which was an old platform And did not have the sufficient feature & capability to handle the load of the huge number of users. The zimbra collaboration Suite from VMware was chosen as the new email platform as it has several advantage:

1-Zimbra provides Personal Clouds with a smarter mailbox that Integrates email,voice,tracks,address book,calendar, files and enterprise Applications.


2-Built in Smartphone connectivity with automatic sync

3-Rich browser-based email client application with feature such as drag And drop, shared tagging, social conversation etc. Works online or offline With full features free email client Zimbra Desktop that can easily replace  Microsoft Outlook.

The mail server was configured on Virtual server for high Availability & fault tolerance. Virtual environment was created using two IBM rack servers along with Vmware VCenter and Vsphere.

This type deployment  has multiple advantage:

High-availability & fault tolerance- Even If any physical server Is down then virtual server are automatically shifted to other Hosts without requiring any user intervention.