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Jakson Power Solutions is a fast growing company  adding 20-25 users every month to its various divisions. For this they needed to add costly infrastructure for each employee.The existing infrastructure that was based on proprietary  software had several issues:

1. Cost :This was a major challenge as the cost of hardware & software licenses for each user was a sizeable amount while the organization realized that the average user was able to use only a fraction of the capabilities of the current system.


2. Obsolescence: Since the newer proprietory programs required greater computing power they wouldn’t run on most of the older hardware requiring the organization to make investment in new hardware or upgrading the old one.

TNS designed & implemented an open source solution for their computing needs.

The solution incorporates the following components:

1. Desktop OS: For desktop OS, we selected UBUNTU 12.04 as it is one of the most stable & frequently updated linux distro and supports a wide variety of hardware.

2. Office Applications: Libre Office was selected. It as an offshoot of Openoffice and has more features than Open Office.It has most of the common Office applications like Word,Spreadsheet,Presentations,Draw etc. It can also import most of the common formats such as MS Office and has the ability to save documents as PDF inbuilt into it.

3. Other Applications: Some of the other applications that were used included Adobe Acrobat Reader, OpenProjects which served as a replacement for MS Projects, Draftsight which was an excellent replacement for Autocad and could easily read existing DWG files, thunderbird email program was used to replace MS Outlook.

4. Email Server:For email server we implemented Zimbra email server which is a product from Vmware. Zimbra is a fully featured collaboration suite and offers a feature set on par with the best messaging & collaboration applications.

Initially the Open Source was implemented for approx 25 users for Beta testing to identify & troubleshoot variousissues that were faced by users. Several issues were generated and resolved. A special website was developed to assist users familiarize themselves with the new setup. Also training was provided to users to help overcome the common issues faced by them. After this exercise the management conducted a review and finally decided to implement the Open Source solution for larger number of users.

Businesses even governmental institutions are moving towards open source to cut rising costs and increase flexibility. According to experts, moving to open source environment has plenty of advantages other than cost efficiency.The benefits start from stable and scalable software without much errors or defects, since the source code is made available to developers. However, the major advantage of open source lies in its security features, and unlike commercial software, the fixes for loopholes are much faster.