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How SOMA Warehousing preserves Food Grains

Soma warehousing has built over 11 warehousing all across Punjab for Food Corporation of India. It was facing a problem of loss of food grains due to theft, fraud, employees not following the food preservation procedures. This was causing a massive revenue loss and also causing sleepless nights for the management.

TNS proposed & successfully implemented the concept of Central Monitoring System for  Soma New Towns  which allows them to  remotely view & record over 500 cameras installed in their warehouses spread across Punjab from their head office in New Delhi. The special feature is that all 500 cameras were brought to the Soma HO over just 16mbps bandwidth from over 11 remote locations using a specialized server to compress bandwidth.  

The CMS allows Soma to monitor its Food Grains warehousing operations that it is running for FCI strictly. Special cameras installed at weighbridges prevent any tampering/fraud with weight that is a very common practice for such operations by truck drivers. 

Using the remote monitoring facility Soma has been able to control storage losses from its warehousing operations.

The CMS feature e-maps of all warehouse locations, any movement is automatically shown on the E-map as a blinking red dot. Cameras can be easily viewed by clicking on the selected dot. The CMS also provides secondary recording facility so that the video archive is available even if anyone destroys the recording equipment installed onsite. Using the above solution the Soma warehousing has been able to effectively control all food grain losses.