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Wave City is one of India's largest Smart Cities, which is spread across an impressive 4500 acres. It is built on the Smart City concept by IBM. World renowned AECOM is its Town planner & Landscape designer. Wave City is constructed keeping in mind contemporary design and new–age architecture. The wave management wanted to monitor the huge project in order to keep track of the ongoing construction and also to monitor law & order problems created by certain criminal elements in the area.

However, there were two important issues - No Connectivity & No Power at all 8 locations!


TNS designed &  implemented a Central Monitoring System for Wave enabling them  to monitor their  construction and project operations.  TNS created a wireless mesh network in these 8 locations using 8 high masts.

Solar PowerSolar Power


Special cameras installed were installed on 25 meter high masts. Cameras were powered by solar panels that were sufficient to run the cameras during the day as well as charge the inbuilt batteries for the night.

Wireless Tower

The CMS has enabled Wave to monitor several incidents of theft & vandalism. The remote monitoring  facility has allowed the project managers to monitor projects from anywhere and help save travel time and improve their  productivity.

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