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L&T Reduces Labour Costs Using IRIS Recognition

L&TL&T is one of India's largest construction contractors. With projects sites running into several hundreds and workers in several thousands it is a challenging task to know exactly how many labours are working at a site. With its existing biometric fingerprint system, L&T was facing major problems:


  1. Fingerprint biometric does not work if the fingers are work out which is usually the case for construction labours
  2. Unscrupulous contractors try to manipulate the attendance of workers by enrolling same worker at multiple sites or different fingers of same worker.
  3. It is impossible to keep criminal elements out. Troublemakers thrown out from one site easily join another site.

TNS designed a radically new system for L&T based on Iris technology. Firstly all sites in the cluster were connected to a central server by setting up a VPN. A central server was deployed at central location using VMware as virtualization platform to provide redundancy. Iris machines were deployed at each site and housed in specialized enclosures.


Iris Biometric L&T

The workers are now enrolled at each site using the same. Worker once enrolled at one site cannot be re-enrolled or marked present at another site. Effectively worker duplicacy has been eliminated saving huge amount in costs. Also by keeping troublemakers out there has been no major incidents at sites where the system has been deployed. 


Watch the complete video case study here:


Iris for L&T