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Anantraj saves 60% on Cabling Costs

Anantraj SEZAnant Raj Group is one of the leading  Construction and Infrastructure Developers in North India. They have developed a large SEZ in Sector 8 Manesar. They were very unhappy with their existing CCTV Vendor as he was unable to complete the first phase of the project. The vendor had used expensive RG11 cable & power cable to wire cameras from all parts of the building to the Control Room in the basement.


The architecture used by the vendor had much more cables than necessary. Due to the large number of cables it was proving difficult for the existing vendor to trace & rectify faults.  TNS redesigned the architecture for the next phase and used only 19000 meters of  CAT 6 cable against the existing vendors proposing 50000 meters of cable. 


The solution offered by TNS has following advantages:

  1. Intelligent IP distributed cabling system we have reduced cabling requirements to 1/3rd of traditional proposals. 
  2. Cat 6 cabling proposed by us provides superior image quality, redundancy & power transmission over the same cable.
  3. Also simplified identification & reduced maintenance.  Only 8 to 10 cables terminated on BMS room vs more than 254 for traditional solution.
  4. Most transmission is IP with superior quality vs Analog for traditional solution.
  5. Superior  quality/reliability of Capture Cameras as the brand is owned & marketed by Honeywell in India.
  6. Reduced number of cameras from over 300 to 240 using intelligent placement based upon assets & chokepoints.
  7. It is possible to view multiple DVR’s & cameras on a single LCD screen in numerous combinations vs. only 16 cameras per screen for traditional solution. Reduced Requirement of LCD’s from 26 to 9 as per our design.
  8. Distributed  architecture ensures easy location & serviceability of faults.
  9. Manpower requirements for monitoring reduced.
  10. BMS room location can be shifted at any time.

 Anantraj Benefits