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Our Projects

Our Projects

Here you will find the details of several value added projects completed by us.

Anantraj SEZAnant Raj Group is one of the leading  Construction and Infrastructure Developers in North India. They have developed a large SEZ in Sector 8 Manesar. They were very unhappy with their existing CCTV Vendor as he was unable to complete the first phase of the project. The vendor had used expensive RG11 cable & power cable to wire cameras from all parts of the building to the Control Room in the basement.

L&TL&T is one of India's largest construction contractors. With projects sites running into several hundreds and workers in several thousands it is a challenging task to know exactly how many labours are working at a site. With its existing biometric fingerprint system, L&T was facing major problems:

CIC1The Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) is a Government of India funded institute established under the aegis of the University of Delhi. It was founded in 2011 and introduced Innovation as a credit based course for the first time in India. CIC wanted to enhance the security of its campus and hence invited proposals from many vendors. The objective was to provide maximum security using minimum number of cameras, also the solution should be tamperproof and highly resilient and maintainence free. 

 The Lady Hardinge Medical College, a pioneer in the field of Medical Education has the unique distinction of being  the only Medical College in India, for  exclusively training women undergraduate students. The college was founded  by Lady Hardinge of Penhurst, the wife of the then Viceroy of India in  1914.

TNS has won the prestigious order to  upgrade the entire IT infrastructure encompassing both passive and active components using the latest  equipment from OEM's like Cisco, IBM etc.

Wave City is one of India's largest Smart Cities, which is spread across an impressive 4500 acres. It is built on the Smart City concept by IBM. World renowned AECOM is its Town planner & Landscape designer. Wave City is constructed keeping in mind contemporary design and new–age architecture. The wave management wanted to monitor the huge project in order to keep track of the ongoing construction and also to monitor law & order problems created by certain criminal elements in the area.

However, there were two important issues - No Connectivity & No Power at all 8 locations!

Soma warehousing has built over 11 warehousing all across Punjab for Food Corporation of India. It was facing a problem of loss of food grains due to theft, fraud, employees not following the food preservation procedures. This was causing a massive revenue loss and also causing sleepless nights for the management.

TNS proposed & successfully implemented the concept of Central Monitoring System for  Soma New Towns  which allows them to  remotely view & record over 500 cameras installed in their warehouses spread across Punjab from their head office in New Delhi. The special feature is that all 500 cameras were brought to the Soma HO over just 16mbps bandwidth from over 11 remote locations using a specialized server to compress bandwidth.  

The CMS allows Soma to monitor its Food Grains warehousing operations that it is running for FCI strictly. Special cameras installed at weighbridges prevent any tampering/fraud with weight that is a very common practice for such operations by truck drivers.